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written by Young Jean Lee
directed by Anna Kohler

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kresge Little Theater
April 9-11 and 16-18, 2015

Video Design by Bozkurt Karasu and Sara Brown, Sound Design by Bozkurt Karasu, Stage Design by Sara Brown, Lighting Design by Kent Barrett, and Costumes by Tara Nova Webb.

About the Plays:
Confronting the culture of self-help gurus, TED talks and modern age preachers, Pullman, WA is a human outcry against the machine, i.e. against a society that tells us how to live our lives, that we need to be different, happier, more successful, thinner – in short, better than we are, that we need “fixing.” It is all about human conditioning. It is funny, deeply disturbing and completely in your face!

The Appeal, Young Jean’s first, was written as a challenge to herself to write a play about her least favorite subject: British romantic poets -which turned into this incredibly funny yet suddenly profound play. What you won’t see in this play: a respectful “biopic” portrait of romantic poets, their lives and intellects. What you can expect: a totally irreverent, subversive play that takes intellectualism and scholars down a notch and brings those revered poets back to being ordinary human beings.

Read an interview with Anna Kohler and MIT Theater Arts about the piece